Our Story

Who We Are

Waffly Good is a woman-owned small business that has been supplying the Puget Sound area with fresh-baked 100% authentic Liège waffles since 2014. We are regulars at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from May to September. Come see us there in the food truck section (turn left as you enter the market from the main entrance).

A dedicated husband and wife team, Jason and Vachi have been baking Liège waffles for friends and family since 2009.

How It All Began

The story of Waffly Good begins in Ao Nang, Thailand, of all places, in one of Thailand’s world-famous Night Markets. While traveling with family, Jason and Vachi discovered a small stand in the market selling stuffed waffles, made in the shape of cartoon characters and hearts, and just the right size to snack on while browsing the many stands of ‘Louise Vuittan’ purses and ‘Hugho Bose’ suits in the warm night air.

Upon returning to their home in Seattle, the two were on a mission: “We must figure out how to make those waffles!”

After countless hours of research on nights and weekends, Jason and Vachi had hit a dead end; they simply couldn’t find the recipe for the waffle they’d had in Ao Nang. They had, however, stumbled upon something much better: the best-kept secret of Belgium, the one-and-only Liège waffle. Now they had a new quest: to develop a recipe for Liège waffles so authentic that if you closed your eyes when you took a bite, you’d swear you were in Brussels.

Our Mission

Founded in 2014, Waffly Good is on a mission to bring the highest-quality, authentic Liège waffles to the Greater Puget Sound. Using only the finest ingredients, Waffly Good Waffles are unmatched in quality and authenticity, and you can taste the difference.

The Way Forward

After a very successful first year, Jason and Vachi traveled to Belgium to research the craft of waffle-making and learn secrets of the trade from the source (and enjoy a pint or two of Tripel). They sampled the finest waffles from Brussels to Bruges to Liège, and even studied chocolate-making, returning home in 2015 to perfect their recipe and technique.

Headquartered in Sammamish, Waffly Good has found a second home at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market, and is active at many of the area events in the East Lake Washington area.