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What are Liège Waffles?

What the heck are Liège waffles anyway? Many people who see the Waffly Good food truck for the first time aren’t sure what to make of us.

Are these the kind of waffles you had last Sunday for breakfast at your favorite diner?

Are these going to be sticky, syrupy, and messy?

Are you going to need a fork and knife to eat these things?

The answer to all those questions is: no, no, and no.

Liège waffles are a unique kind of waffle that comes from the beautiful city of Liège in Belgium. They are made from a buttery yeast dough and a special kind of sugar made from beets called pearl sugar, which is clumped into little pearl-like lumps. We mix the pearl sugar into the dough so that when we cook them up on the iron, it caramelizes in the most amazing way. The result is a delicious, hand-held waffle that is crunchy and sweet on the outside, buttery and flakey on the inside. No need for syrup!

Our signature stuffed Liège waffles have tasty fillings baked right into the waffle. Ask us for a demo the next time you visit us. We love to show how it works!

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